Muse Tribute band Muscle Museum was born in December 2002 Immediately, a pleasant alchemy has been created among the members of the band, pushing them to believe in their plan: a Muse cover band, After the first live experiences, Muscle Museum got a lot of agreements and good critics which culminated in 2003 with the first concerts outside Rome. During the Mtv Supersonic they had the chance to meet Matthew, Chris and Dom: a very pleasant event that probably will remain in the heart of all the members of Muscle Museum.

The band in its concerts pays attention to the live versions of MUSE songs, the band composed by Matthew James Bellamy , Dominic James Howard , Christopher Anthony Wolstenholme and Morgan Nicholls

characteristics of the band which is well-known and appreciated all over the world. To improve its performances, Muscle Museum has undertaken a maniacal study both of the songs scores and the executions along with, and especially, of the effects, characteristics that make MUSE sound so unique; moreover, the instrumentation has been completely renewed and widened to better reproduce the original sonorities.

Muscle Museum play Muse covers from every Muse album: